ACM Professor Talks

An event where professors share their research and interests outside of the classroom


April 2015: Professor Aaron Cohen

SDR digital radio and relay models and the design and operation of the "Surrogate TACSAT"

The Marine Corps has frequent requirements for beyond-line-of-sight communications
for voice and narrowband data in challenging terrains that normally limit or truncate links.
The NRL has developed VHF analog and software defined radio (SDR) relays that support narrowband
communications using standard Marine Corps radios and has developed SDR radio models for the Marine Corps
radios. The relay requirements are lightweight and designed to be borne aloft at altitudes above 65,000 ft.,
providing connectivity to nodes as far as 150 nmi from the relay payload. This presentation documents the
design of SDR digital radio and relay models and the design and the operation of the balloon-borne
Arduino Mega2560 configured VHF analog relay, dubbed "Surrogate TACSAT", and details the analog relay's
results from testing conducted out of Yuma Proving Ground in March of 2014.

March 2015: Professor Gabe Parmer

Abstract: Enter Skynet: How the Machines Will Rise Up

Embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a Big Deal.
They lurk in the world all around us, monitoring, collecting, and controlling.
They stay hidden, waiting for the perfect time to STRIKE. What does a
world look like that is increasingly integrated with technology, and what
does it mean for computer scientists? In this talk, I'll discuss what
embedded systems are, how they've evolved in their newest incarnation in IoT.
Understanding this, we'll discuss their implications on privacy, human safety,
and on programmers. Come willing to discuss, and welcome our future machine overlords.

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