2016-2017 Highlights

Upcoming Events



Starting Fall 2015, the ACM ran its first hackathon which is a collaborative competition where engineers can come together to make interesting projects in just a day or two and then be judged based on the creativeness and quality of their work. Click on the link to learn more about the ACM's upcoming Hackathon!


Throughout the year we'll have some fun student led workshops to help programmers hone essential industry skills such as how to make android apps, navigating git repositories, and how to use Linux!


Periodically, professors give talks about their research or topics that interest them. This is a great way to get in touch with the professors as well as learn about interesting topics such as how auctions work and using computer clusters. Click the link for more details!


We host a monthly board/video game night in Tompkins hall that is a great way to meet other CS students, professors, and GW ACM members! Come by to grab some free food, play games, and get to know your professors better!

We at the ACM pride ourselves on hosting events that not only hone your programming skills but that are also fun and interesting.