Computer Science Resources

Looking for some help? Interested in learning something new? Then check out our list of CS resources! We've tried to cover as many topics as as possible, but if you feel we're missing something, then head over here to submit or request something new.

General CS Guides

Name Description
What Every CS Major Should Know A fantastic list of skills that every CS major should have
Teach Yourself CS The last listicle you'll ever need, this has a concise list of the most important CS topics, and the best resources to learn them
Khan Academy Algorithms A course hosted on Khan Academy about the study of CS Algorithms
Computer Science Numbers Important numbers that every CS major should know
Big O Cheatsheet Quick reference about Big O complexities for various algorithms and data structures
A Hacker's Guide to Git A fantastic guide on how to use the Git version control system.
Git from the Inside Out Learn how Git works under the hood

Programming Language Guides

Name Description
Free Programming Books A huge list of books about every languge imaginable
Learn X in Y Minutes Learn a language in y minutes
Hyperpolyglot A side-by-side comparison of programming languages
Bottom Up CS Learn about OS fundamentals while learning programming

CS Blogs/Websites to Follow

Name Description
Julia Evans's Blog A blog about a huge variety of misc. programming topics
Hacker News News about stuff happening in the programming world
r/programming A subreddit about programming in general
Programming Blogs to Follow A rather long list of blogs to follow

Operating Systems

Name Description
The Little Book About OS Development A guide to writing an x86 OS
Linux Insides An overview of the linux kernel
How to Write Your Own OS A guide to writing your own OS in C++
What Happens When You Hit Enter Perhaps not strictly OS related, this is a walkthrough of the internals behind hitting "Enter" in your browser