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Welcome to The George Washington University Association for Computing Machinery Website. If you would like to join our list serv please send a blank email to If you have ideas for the ACM you can email us at Feel free to join the ACM facebook group as well! It is located at: Facebook Group


We just launched a twitter(@GWAcm), so you can always be informed of all events going on in the department! See Here

Upcoming Events

We host a recurring study hall for computer science students every Sunday in Tompkins 411 from 2-4pm. Study hall starts on Sunday September 7th, 2014. Feel free to show up, meet new people, study and get your work done! This is a great place to get help if you are struggling in your courses and to prepare you for your next courses.


Sunday September 14th 2014 1pm-- C Programming Workshop

We will be holding a C programming workshop. We will cover the basics of how to construct a Binary Search Tree in C. This will cover topics such as Malloc, Structs, a data scructure, frees,and  preventing memory leaks. If you are in Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, and Operating Systems this is a great resource to get caught up in C. Right afterwards we will host the regularly scheduled study hall from 2 -4pm. Hope to see you there.